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Cushions and seating for a whole lifetime
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"Swings" Box acrylic DRALON
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A line of cushions for 3 or 4-seated Swings, in 100% Acrylic Dralon material gr.190 m2, made in the classic variations of Plain and Striped. The cushions are totally removable and machine washable at 30°, and come with all the guarantees that acrylic Dralon material offers; a very resistant material, sun and weathering resistant and long lasting.


Cuscini per Dondolo Box acrilico DRALON

Photo gallery "Swings" Box acrylic DRALON

I Tessuti di Ghio Cuscini per la linea "Swings" Box acrylic DRALON
Category Swings C
Tessuto Category Swings C


Variations of Plain and Striped classic materials.
Material composition
Acrylic 100% Dralon gr. 190 m2.
Machine washable at 30°, don’t use harsh cleaners
Offers acrylic Dralon guarantees with a resistant material, sun resistant, weather resistant and long lasting.

Material category characteristics

Material acrylic 100 % Dralon 190 gr/m2.
Le confezioni di Ghio Cuscini per la linea "Swings" Box acrylic DRALON
Model Cushions for Swing 3 seats acrylic
Cushions for Swing 3 seats acrylic
Product code
Removable cover
135 cm
Seat depth
52 cm

Back height

63 cm
9 cm
Quantity per box
Box size
0 cm
Box volume
0,16 mc
Box weight
5,5 kg
Cushion for Swing 3 seats, box finish, acrylic Dralon material.
Other cushion coverscushions swing:
Model Coussin pour “Chaise patio de type balançoire”. 4 places. Acrylique. - Cod. 9351C4
  Ghio Eugenio Snc di Ghio Cesare & C.
  Statale Asolana Km 65 - 25010 Acquafredda (Bs)
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